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Significantly reduce capital gains taxes and sell assets with peace of mind.

Why overpay on capital gains taxes when elite billionaires pay so little?

Leverage the same secrets that billionaires use to navigate complex tax laws and save enormously on capital gains taxes…

Don’t stress about complex tax laws and preserve your hard earned wealth with our personalized solutions…

As a high net worth entrepreneur, you often face high taxation. Complex tax laws and regulations make it difficult for you to navigate the tax system and identify tax saving opportunities.

Not to mention the high capital gains taxes due to the size and frequency of your investments. Due to worrying about the capital gain taxes that would be due on a transaction, you miss out on the opportunities that come up. 

Do you really have the time or the team of experts to devote to tax planning and implementing complex tax structures that elite billionaires use? If so, are you paying 5% less effective tax rate? Like the billionaires?

Together CFO empowers you to preserve the wealth that you have built through years of hard work and dedication with proven structures, ensuring that your legacy lives on.

Elite billionaires use these 3 strategies to save on capital gain taxes… Do you?

There is a reason why billionaires like Donald Trump and Warren Buffett pay so little in taxes compared to you. They use complex secret strategies that most multi-millionaires are unable to leverage for their businesses.

We are talking about strategies like:

Charitable Giving - to legally avoid overpaying on capital gains taxes by donating appreciated assets to charitable organizations (not the typical charitable remainder trusts).

Complex Trusts - to manage their wealth and minimize their tax liability by using complex trusts (not the usual simple living trust, GRAT or IDGT)

Foundations - did you know Warren Buffett has taken a $36 billion tax deduction by the donations he has given to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation? Did you know Buffett was on the board of the Gates Foundation from 2006 to 2021? The Gates Foundation owns approximately $11.5 billion in shares of Berkshire Hathaway stock. This is how the elite maximize their “giving” in a tax efficient way. 

…and more.

It's important to note that these strategies require careful administration, planning and execution. That’s why you need advice from the seasoned experts of Together CFO to ensure compliance and save enormously on capital gains taxes.

Together CFO has the systems, processes, and strategies  – all under one roof

The founder of Together CFO, KC Chohan, is a columnist in Forbes and featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Fox News, NBC News, and more…

With Together CFO, you have the opportunity to leverage the expertise of a world-class team of accounting experts led directly by KC.

We have been leveling the playing field between elite billionaires and high-net-worth individuals (multi-millionaires) since 2016. The remarkable results that we have produced over the years for our clients give us the confidence that we can help you achieve the same.

The best part is… our process is absolutely transparent and there is no confusion. Simply book a call with one of our experts to walk through the process without any obligation.

We create a proven structure that covers the 4 major areas

Annual Tax Savings

You are overpaying on annual taxes. This stops once we implement our proven structure for your business taxes. You only pay your “fair share” like the elite billionaires.

Capital Gains Tax Savings

We show you how to use more powerful tools than the traditional 1031 exchange, DST, or CRT. Thus, significantly reducing your capital gains taxes.

Advanced Asset Protection

From protecting you against potential lawsuits to minimizing tax obligations, maintaining privacy, and diversifying your assets, we have you covered.

Wealth Transfer/
Generational Wealth

No need to worry about gift tax limits any longer. We show you how to completely avoid any kind of wealth transfer taxes to get complete peace of mind.

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